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With her sensational voice and her alluring ways, Xymphoni continues to captivate her audience time and time again. Gifted with a strong sultry voice such as Tina Turner, she was influence by such singers as Minnie Riperton, Gladys Knight and the Isley Brothers.


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Xymphoni began singing and performing at a very young age, as a teen, she performed in Gospel choirs and talent shows around the Detroit area. She sought to establish a musical career in true Rhythm & Blues Tradition.

Early Years

Upon relocating from Detroit to Oakland, CA, Xymphoni worked with many groups. Seeking to develop her chops, she has worked with some of the hardest working Blues and R & B bands in the Bay Area. Not only is Xymphoni a talented performer, but she is also a writer, composer and a producer. Xymphoni has developed such a unique style that she now engages her audience with conviction and unquestionable soulfulness.

More Recently

Xymphoni has a new Single entitled “Ain’t No Turning Back” that is schedule to be released in the spring of 2017, that is sending shock waves through the music industry and is garnishing mass attention to this incredible vocalist and sultry singer who has her fan base anxiously awaiting the new release, for they know she has much more to offer her audience throughout the world and she will not disappoint her adoring fans!

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Ain' T No Turning Back

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